Keywords: Sepetcioğlu,historical novels,acknowledgement of the state,notion of unity


This study will deal with the novels Kilit and Çatı by Mustafa Necati Sepetcioğlu who, writing the important milestones of Turkish history in his historical novels, makes the love of history accesible to the reader as an author who dedicated his life to tell his thoughts that the main factor in the emergence of the state is the nation; no matter how hard the circumstances are, the state keeps its dynamism by the idea of the unity of nation; and the nation should not forget the ideas of state and the unity of nation that they inherited from their ancestors. Thus this study is going to analyse the idea of the state of the empire of the Seljuks and of the period of the establishment of the Ottoman empire, the notion of unity of the Turkish tribes and the sources of Turkish culture out of the view of Sepetcioglu.