Keywords: Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu,phrase,symbolizm of the horizantal and vertical dimensions,crescent,cross,kiln,tree,custom


The origin of art depends on abstraction. While the artist rebuilds the world which everybody deteriorates with daily concerns he also converts it into his own style. Nevertheles high emotions do not explain themselves directly, they usually explain themselves in a symbolic and iconic state.

The novel, Çatı contains a structure which has ideals and character's synthesistical novel rather than being an eventfull study. The adolesence process of the Osman Bey who is the novel's most important character, also refers to the potential oof the Kayı tribe to a world wide Empire. The writer enriches the intruge fiction of his novel with the symbolic explanations which he plans with the relations of cause effect.

Sepetçioğlu, in his novel, Çatı explains Osman Bey's individual life expereriences in a horizantal dimension; and history which is not changed by time in a vertical dimension's symbolic explanation. The novel, past- today and future turns into a complex which are iconic collections. When these symbolic interpretations are solved, we witness the process of the nationalization of society and territory.

In this study, the meanings of horizontal and vertical dimensions such as association, word, tradition, myth, great individuals, woman, cross, crescent, tree, light, nation will be analyzed in terms of symbolism and psychoanalysis.