Keywords: Mustafa Necati Sepetcioğlu,Bu Atlı Geçide Gider,the Ottoman Empire,historical novel


Mustafa Necati Sepetcioglu focuses on the family, individual, social, and educational issues in the novel entitled Bu Atlı Geçide Gider, and he treats the historical events of the period in this framework. In the novel, whose subject focus is the period between the years 1360 and 1389, how Prince Bayezid was trained as a leader as well as how people of stature who have roles in the social and the political life are cared for with tolerance from their childhood. Sepetçioğlu manifests the value given to education and children in the Ottoman society through the characters named Somuncu Baba, Demirci Boran Usta, İne Bey, and Kara Mustafa.