Keywords: Turkish History of Education, Ministry of Education, School Museum, School Equipments, Course Tools


With in Tanzimat period, innovations and practices experienced in education field and these started to give products during the Second Constitutional Period. One of the these is school museums or exhabitions. The school museum or exhabition started under the leadership of Satı Bey and soon became a practice followed by other educators during the term. Nevertheless, it, which was opened in schools at the end of the year, was not gone beyond.

The first comprehansive and more detailed School Museum was opened officially in the Ministry of Education on March 1, 1926. The difference of this museum from the school exhibitions was that it consisted of school materials sent from within the country and also abroad. The museum was considered as a lab for teachers and students. In particular, theachers had the opportunity to see and use the new metarials in there. In this sense, it was an opportunity for teacher to learn and examine varios materials and became an archive to work in future educational history issues. The School Museum served until it was burned in 1947.

The aim of this study is to re-releaved the materials in these museums. In the study, the decisions and directives, the list of metarials of the School Museum published in Terbiye (1927) and the School Museum Guide published in 1928 have been examined and evaluted with newspapers and archive documents.