Tacettin ŞİMŞEK

Keywords: Tragedy,Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu,Büyük Otmarlar,the ruled and the ruling


Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu made a lot of contributions to Turkish literature as well as reflected Turkish history in the novel form. His works Her Bizans'a Bir Fatih ve Büyük Otmarlar are among the samples of tragedy in Turkish literature.

Büyük Otmarlar contain the characteristics of tragedy as a literary genre. It was written in line with the principle of three-unity in Tragedy. The plot takes place in an imaginary country called Âsurya. The subject matter in the play is the fight between the ruler who takes his power from a sculpture called Ulu Bekçi, who exploits his people making himself sacred, strenghtens his power through magic and prophesy, and the people representing the right and fair side. The son who is about to take power is against the ruling system based on intimidating and suppressing the people; yet he pays for this with his life. Virtuous individuals with determination among the public give an end to this system. Thus they start a new period in Âsurya.