Keywords: Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu,play,Meragalı Abdülkadir,Emir Timur,stage,scene


As one of the outstanding figures of Turkish Literature during Republican period Sepetçioğlu, besides achieving his fame from historical novels, is an author who wrote plays as well. He produced a number of plays; but only Köprü (1969), Son Bloklar (1969), Büyük Otmarlar (1970), Çardakçı Bakıcı (1969), Her Bizans'a Bir Fatih (1972), Yunus Emre (1993) have been published. There are ten of Sepeçioğlu's unpublished plays completed during his prolific life-time. One of these plays is Meragalı Abdülkadir whose plot is based on the events took place at the last decades of fourteenth and the beginning of fifteenth centuries. The play is comprised of three episodes and reflects the life of a musician called Meragalı Abdülkadir. Some other important characters within the play are: Emir Timur, Şebek, Tandu Hatun, Miranşah, Gülendam. In this paper Meragalı Abdülkadir has been examined in respect of plot, time, setting-stage, characters, language and narration.