Keywords: Revolution,Atatürk,characteristic,halkevi,Yeni Tokat


The Turkish Revolution under the leadership of Ataturk aimed to found the contemporary civilization which was formed after the revolutions started in the period of Enlightenment in Europe. As the Enlightenment in Turkey was unlike the one in Europe, the revolution was carried out under the leadership of a leader and the intellectuals around him. This formed one of the most specific characteristics of the Turkish Revolution. Ataturk -who had a legendary charisma with the success he gained- had great role in leadership and innovation to form the revolution. With all these characteristics, the revolution made progress with its own characteristic because of the educational level of the Turkish people, social and economic structure and political reasons originated from the strategic location.The "Yeni Tokat" journal -one of the publications of Halkevi which aimed to place and keep the revolutions in the country alive- is also rather a succesful periodical to reflect the general characteristics of the Turkish Revolution.