Keywords: Diyarbakır,tile,architectuıal ornament


Diyarbakır is one o f the centeıs in vvhich the most important monuments of Anatolian Turkish art are found. İn the art history research about the city lıavc been concentıated on the architectuıal chaıacteıistics o f the bııildings but the ornaments o f the buildings have been comparatively less considered. However, especially the tile constitute a gıoup less attracted the researehers with a lot of their aspeets that have not been clarified yet. In the sources vvhich deal with the Turkish tile art emphasize that the tiles in there are local pıoduction but they have not given detailed and sufficient knowledge about tlıese. The tiles o f Ottoman period exists in Armenian churches besides Turkish architectuıal buildings. lıı our stııdy, for the tiles that vve have been examining the dates vvill be determined as centuries based on their teehnieal and ornament features using the style critique and the produetion place o f them wi11 tried to be bı ing to light.