The Poet Şevki Halıcı is from Çıldır, Kars. Halıcı, who was bom in 1930, can both teli folk tales and poems. He has told us fıfteen folk tales among vvhich are Tahir and Zühre, Cihan and Abdullah and Emrah and Selvi. During the performances of these tales that are to be published later, the folk songs that he sings vvith the accompany of the Turkish string instrument add a special aspect to his ability to teli tales. The performance of these about seventy vvays of singing folk songs that are played and sung by the poets who live in the same region as he does, requires a different skill. Among these pieces that are mostly performed are 'divanis', 'tecnises', and Güzellemes' that are kinds of folk song. The poet both plays these separately and places them within the tales he telis. These folk songs that are placed vvithin tales also have functional missions. Separate folk song forms are performed accordingly with the psychological State of the character of the tale, for example, a different form is performed vvhen the character is happy, sensitive, or sad. Thus, both the tale is enriched and the audience are impressioned. In this article, I have supplied the words of the folk songs, in more than seventy forms, that are both played and sung by the poet Şevki Halıcı and made little comments based on the information that we got from him. I have also attached the notes of the four pieces from these pieces that are videorecorded to provide some examples.