The referees of the karakucak wrestling are called " salâvatçı" . Salâvatçı is actually more then a referee . He mathes the wrestlers, recite prayers, gives information on the tradition of wrestling. He also introduces the compatitors to the spektators . Accompained by the drum and zuma ( a local clarinette ) while reciting prayers he takes the wrestlers to the wrestling arena. Some of the minstrels (âşık) act as salâvatçı. Salâvatcıs who are not actually mistrels recite the poems uttered by those mistrels . Koşma is a type of poem which is popular around Çukurova region . Koşma recited for vvrestlers has formed into a new type of poem . This type of koşma is called salâvatlama. Salâvatlama preise those who keep the wrestling tradition alive. In this work we describe salâvatlama and present the chacteristics of this form of koşma.