Keywords: Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Zaman Kırıntıları, Freedom, Captivity, Death and Escape


The Threatening Factor to Existence in the Poem of
Zaman Kırıntıları

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s poem named Zaman Kırıntıları is a poem which makes the factor threatening to human existence visible as the captivity. The captivity which implies in the poem is the name of situation which exists inside but mostly not noticed. At the same time the captivity means to be evaluated the most personal human opportunities in determination of death. The captivity contains a negative evaluation and it states to determine the life of opportunity occlusive death, not the opportunity opener life. The captivity situation also states lack of freedom. In this poem, the poet who knows to be in the last term of own life lives a love relationship. During the love relationship he encounters the opportunities and chooses one of them and lives a loss experience. As a result the captivity concept shows up the poet’s attitude againts this incident. In other words, in this poem the situation of captivity is highlighted as the factor threatening to human existence by closing the most basic opportunities such as knowing, hearing, seeing, overcoming, dedication and believing.

In this article, firstly, the concepts of freedom and captivity is shortly described. And it is proved that these described concepts’ connection with the instincts of death and life. Then, the poem mentioned in this article is explained depending on this main claim in the context of the freedom and the captivity concepts.