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Manuscript Librarianship in Transferring and
Introducing Cultural Heritage to Next Generation

Cultural heritage preserves its place on the agenda as a very comprehensive and open-ended concept that deals with the values of the future for its products from all aspects and parts of life throughout the history of civilization. It is also possible that we can benefit from the accumulation of these products or production, in terms of perceiving and interpreting the past accurately. Where coverage is the common history of mankind, cultural heritage products represent a civilization to which they belong on one hand, while they carry universal value as complementary parts of the common accumulation of humanity on the other hand. Manuscripts are the products of the original genre of the cultural heritage, in fact a background of knowledge, corpus and consignation of ancestry that best introduces us to our past codes. These resources, which we have to assume responsibility for introducing to the new generation and ensuring their conveyance to future, deserve to have special or extraordinary value with their knowledge / content and artistic characteristics as well as their value due to being a rare or unique copy. To be able to identify and publicise these important resources of cultural heritage at international standards requires more exhausting scientific study which should be carried out in cooperation compared to printed sources. It is for this reason that manuscript librarianship should also be seen as a separate area of expertise. In the study where the discussion point is the strategic role of manuscript librarianship in introduction and conveyance to future of cultural heritage products, namely manuscripts and rare pieces of art, ongoing false perceptions and applications will also be emphasized.