Keywords: Education, madrasas, Rushdie school, teacher, salary, retired.


Rushdies were one of the educational institutions established during renovation period. Students that graduated from primary schools are accepted to there schools. Rushdie schools had variations like; male, female or military. In Alanya, addition to traditional educational institutions such as madrasas and primary school, modern educational institutions began to open from Tanzimat period. The first of these was Rushdie built by charitable people and opened in Alanya in 1861. After opening of Rushdie School, teacher assignment is made by the government. Students textbooks studying in this school, sent by the Ministry of Education and are given to the students with price. The teachers who served in Alanya Rushdie schools have received salaries and allowances and ones who completed sufficient service time are retired. Alanya Ministry of Education has been inspected administratively and financially. Also Alanya Rushdie School teachers have been investigated when a complaint occured. After October 6, 1913 dated law of Temporary Primary Law, Alanya Rushdie School is also closed as other schools in the country.