Osman ÖZEN, Kemalettin KUZUCU

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, Turkish Press History, cultural history, press, Artin Asaduryan


Second Constitutional Period is one of the most fluctuant time of Turkish history and this period stands out in terms of press and publishing as well. Thanks to Constitutional Law, Muslims, non-Muslims and many foreigners started to obtain concession; consequently, newspapers and magazines more than a thousand started to be published. These publishing’s are not only unique sources to deal with the political and sociological issues of that time but also contains information for our culture and literary history. This article is about entrepreneur Armenian Artin Asaduryan’s cultural activities who played a key role on the improvement of press and journalism in Ottoman period. Artin Asaduryan moved to Istanbul from his hometown, Kayseri, and started to work as a typesetter to make a living in a press. Then he bought Sirket-i Murettibiye Pressing and embarked on his publishing career. In addition to Turkish, there were also books in Romaic, Armenian and European languages and annuals and ten periodicals were published as well. These publishing’s were released on a regular basis and their contents included politics, military service, national defense, literature, moral issues, law, diplomacy, culture, notions, science and technical issues, art, pedagogics, humor and etc. In the work which is supported by charts and graphics, the identity information and contents of these publishing will be presented in alphabetical order.