Keywords: Görüş, journal, art-literature, culture in 1930s, Ahmet Hamdi, Ahmet Kutsi


This article aims to introduce and analyse the content of Görüş journal, that could be published only four issues with irregular intervals in three years through 1930-1932, which has an important source worth in its era in terms of the publishers and the authors. Firstly, the publishing process and formal features of the journal are described, then significant articles in the journal are analysed. The authors whose works were published in those years, who are not known enough today are also briefly mentioned. As the forth issue could be found only in a few libraries, it may be said that some papers published in the journal are concealed to literature researchers as they did not have opportunity to be published in the books later. The information having originality to correct or expand some current knowledge is available in these papers. Ahmet Kutsi Tecer’s unpublished papers, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s two translations unpublished in his books, some essays, references and assesments papers of other authors hidden in a sense and remote to researchers have been emerged in the journal. It is known that some works especially poetry or sometimes prose published in journals are changed by the authors while publishing in a book later. We have demonstrated the changes made while publishing in his book in a poem of Tanpınar published in Görüş. In addition, papers and authors index of the journal is also included in the paper.