Keywords: Islamic Turkish Literature, pendnâmes, Şemseddin Sivasî, Pendnâme


Şemseddin Sivasî is a sufi poet who had lived in 16th century. He had written numerous works both verse and prose. One of these works is entitled Pendnâme. Pendnâmes as subgenre contain religious and moral advices. These works consist of proverbs, idioms, sayings, and are usually written in verses. Şemseddin Sivasî’s book Pendnâme was written as a qasida consisting of 69 couplets. Four separate copies of this work which were unknown so far were detected and published. In this article, firstly some information about pendnâmes in general and Şemseddin Sivasî’s Pendnâme is given, and secondly the original text is enclosed.