Keywords: Suicide, Italian literature, Italo Svevo, Cesare Pavese, Turkish literature, Tezer Özlü


The concept of suicide has an important place in Italo Svevo and Cesare Pavese’s works, prominent writers of the 20th century world and Italian literature. Suicide is one of the most decisive aspect of the characters created by Svevo and Pavese. Suicide has been a descriptive element of the cracks that appear in individual and social relations as not only a psychological situation, but also a sociological concept. Traumas experienced by Svevo and Pavese both in the familial and communal level, have some parallelism on the concept of suicide featured by these authors in their literary works. Tezer Özlü, whose literary works belong to second half of the 20th century, has similar aspects regarding to the concept of suicide with the authors mentioned above. This article aims to examine these parallels among Svevo, Pavese and Özlü with respect to the concept of suicide, and to uncover the similarities among them.