Hamza Aydoğdu

Keywords: Self-Efficacy,Emotional Intelligence Competence,Multicultural Management Competence,Technological Competence,Special Field Competence


Turkish and Turkish Language and Literature Course Candidates Must Have Qualifications and Competencies
Education ensures that individual and social change is desired. The values that the individual has in his social life are shaped first in the family and then in the education process. The learner will reflect his own culture with universal values in the education process and reflect his life in a virtuous life. There is a strong link between teachers' personal and professional lives. Teachers who combine their values with their competencies will be the ones who will make the biggest contribution to the rise of social life on the bases. In addition to emotional and technological competencies, teachers' self-efficacy will be effective for the formation of national self, continuation of national culture, and social solidarity. Changing social, economic and social conditions influenced the social structure, resulting in a multicultural society. All these changes also affect the education system. The cornerstone of the education system is schools and teachers. Specialization of teachers on competencies related to their own fields will also provide professionalization of the profession. Especially Turkish and Literature teachers have significant effects on increasing academic success in the classroom, raising the next generations with their own cultures and achieving both national and universal educational goals. The knowledge, skills and behavioral characteristics of teachers should be reevaluated. This research has been prepared in order to present a theoretical framework by addressing the competencies that Turkish and Literature teachers should have through literature review. Research; teachers, academics and practitioners are expected to develop a different perspective. In this research conducted under the headings of literature review, self-efficacy, emotional intelligence competence, multicultural management competence, technological competence and special field competence, scientific research results related to the main areas of the research were included. Based on the findings, analysis and results were obtained by analyzing. Th results of the research show that the first place for teacher virtue and qualifications such as self-efficacy, emotional intelligence competence, competence to manage multiculturalism, technological competence and special field competence are among the basic components of the teaching profession. Among these qualifications, the most studied qualifications in the literature were seen as self-efficacy and technological competence skills. Relatively fewer studies were found on emotional intelligence competence, competence in managing multiculturalism, and special field competence. As an exemplary role model in the fields of Turkish language teaching and literature teaching, it is important and necessary that teacher candidates have the virtue of being sympathetic, tolerant and evaluating each individual in this tolerance, which is the most important values of Turkish culture. These five virtues and qualifications, which are handled based on the scientific research results of the research; The realization of the training goals is very important and necessary for the design and use of the design skill workshops in the 2023 Vision Document of MEB.