Keywords: Necip Fazıl,Çile,poetry,poetics,meaning,image


Necip Fazıl Kısakürek stated that he had written his poems by "intuition" and "thought". He defined his poetry as smoking out of a main comprehension of art. These expressions stemming from the poetics of the poet mean both his poems are based on dilemmas created by intuition and thought, and have a studious construct. In every period, Necip Fazıl achieved to attract the attention of the reader with both the images that he chose and the effective sound. It is seen that Necip Fazıl chose words which create depth in meaning in order to reach the "ideal poetry". Those words completed one another in order to form unity and create a world of meaning. Image is one of the dominant elements in Necip Fazıl's poetry, which provides depth in meaning and unity. The poet's fluctuating world of emotion and opinion is hidden behind the meticulously chosen images. Necip Fazıl's struggle to make sense of the existence, world and life, and the individual consequence of his struggle emerges as the meaning behind the image is deciphered. In this article, the world of meaning in Necip Fazıl's Çile is analyzed by determining images.