Şükrü Can Balta

Keywords: Ramazan Dikmen,story,modernity,consciousness,memory,objection


One of lifes's basic tendencies is, that man explains himself the meaning of his being, his neighborhood and the meaning of the globe. Somebody are not content with just making diagnosis and so they prefer to share their results with the public and the reader. In this context, every unique opinion has a potential for being an antithesis to present thesises. Ramazan Dikmen, who indites stories with a critical approach against the modernity, shows an attitude for traditional doctrine and ancient awareness up. He tries starkly to reflect in his textes the civilization's crises, which happened on the country's and world's scale. With his emotional way of expression, he thinks that a person, just concentrated on rational mind and pragmatism, will be lack of the resons for his existence. Mind can just enrich a man's life with intuition, consciousness, sensibility and mercy. Otherwise modernity and capital are alike a tumor, threating apparently the modern man. So, it will become unavoidable to object for the malicious and ominous ghost of the time, which is realizable. On that sense, Ramazan Dikmen's stories are textes of clearance. This clearances are on individualism and collectivism. If it's necessary, Dikmen applies on ironic tongue and benefits on explicitations and direct showing abilities. A remarkable amount of the characters are nameless. Thus, identity and attitude comes before name. The author tries different structural enterprises. Beside the known, standart measures he offers alternative styles. In Ramazan Dikmen's stories does the substantial amount and desperate pessimistic mood not exist; as like as an imagination of the world notated with romantic facts is unavailable. Humanity and earth are always in temper of occupation. The suffering and pain are deferred but aren't caused to forget, they are especially reminded. According to that, humane norms, which are like the ground to a person, step in. Two person, which are side-by-side and in contact, can demolish but also resurrect each other. The aspect, that builds friendships, is aforesaid resurrect and interaction without profitless. The requests, which are constructive and reformatory, are collimating for the plot in Ramazan Dikmen's stories. In Ramazan Dikmen's opinion, the society of performance sets ground for the satisfaction's recede into the background. Farhter is the evolution of "homes" with a nice and concrete character, that calm any person in case of any chaos, into "aparts" is worrisome. But the existence of ideal and principled typing on the earth can barricade losts of wares and places. This work aimes to mention the different aspects of humanitarian and cultural devolution in Ramazan Dikmen's stories. Also divine values, always tended with their encircling quality to become universal, which are under the threat for oblivion by the collective memory, are studied.