Mersin Üniversitesi Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Sanat Tarihi Bölümü, Mersin/ Türkiye

Keywords: Ottoman, Balıkesir, Manyas, Mysia, zaviyah mosque, tomb


Balıkesir, which played an important role during the Early Ottoman period, includes cultural heritage belonging to this period. In our article, first of all, the periods of Old Manyas in the historical process are focused on. It is known that the region has been called by different names throughout history and that it is an uninterrupted settlement area. It is seen that Manyas was used effectively during the Roman, Byzantine, Principalities (Anatolian Beyliks), and Ottoman eras. When we look at Manyas in particular and Balıkesir province in general, the richness of the architectural structures of these periods stands out. In our study, the Mosque with Zaviyah and Tomb which reflecting the architectural features of the Early Ottoman period in the old city of Manyas district, Balıkesir were examined. These structures, which have survived to the present day in their original form, are trying to survive by resisting time. Within the scope of the research in the area, the structures examined, measured, plan drawings were made and introduced in detail with photographs, and made comparisons with similar examples during the same period. It should be emphasized that the mosque is important in terms of being in the group of structures with lodges and carrying the traces of the first building period up today. In this study, the architectural form and features of the Zaviyah Mosque were examined in terms of the materials and the plan. After this research, it was understood that the mosque has originality and importance within the mosques with the same type of plan.There is no decoration in the buildings which are plain in terms of ornamentation. It was understood that the tomb also was built by the Early Ottoman architectural style. In the conclusion section, we stated the places during the period and the historical value of the buildings. And also we expressed our suggestions for the conservation and restoration of the buildings.