Keywords: Short short story,Kelile ve Dimne,Gülistan ve Bostan


The short story of the short story starts with Kelile ve Dimne. In that narrative scale of the east, the animal symbolism is used with an intensive language. The beginning of the tradition of the figurativeness, intensification and of creating vague text consisting the atmosphere of the short short story is Kelile and Dimne.

The understanding of establishing the deep structure of the narration on the symbols is also connected with this. The narrative scale of the short story is more shortened with Gülistan and Bostan. The same understanding continues by limiting the narration pact with the crystallized short stories in Mevlana's masnavi and by ripening at the wisdom horoscope.

Jokes add another richness by introducing the double technique of the wit into the short short story. In addition to all of these, amazement has an important place since the beginning in the form of a secret language and as an undercurrent in the formation of the short short story. The short short story that we consider as a new genre carries too much burden of the story tradition of the past