Ferruh TORUK

Keywords: Sebaste,Village Rooms,Sivaslı,Phrygia,King’s Road,Churches


Study, firstly the evolution of physical texture within the historical pro cess is given. In this respect, topographical and geographical location of the settlement is insisted on. Starting from the Chalcolithic period and Early Bronz era, Roman, physical development of the settlement is analysed with respect to Roman, Byzantian, Seljukian and Ottoman periods. After than, several archeological digging studies held on the tumulusses and churchs and surface researchs in necropol area are insisted on. Registered and valuable to register historical monuments in these areas are analysed according to the classification of first and third degree archeological site area which was announced after the de cision of İzmir 2. Conservation Council of Cultural and natural assets numbered A-4049 in 1983. In the last part, with respect to decisions of the İzmir 2. Conservation Council of Cultural and Natural Assets, suggestions concerning the conservation of historical site areas within the Conservation Aimed Development Plan (map scale of 1/5000 and 1/1000) are proposed.