Keywords: Novel,Turkish Literature,Prose,Development,Technique,Content


Novel is a new type in Turkish literature. Therefore, the first examples are simple in terms of language according to the poem which has a tradition. This is because language of prose is inadequate to tell life. Also, Turkish language has a weak possibility to tell social issues. The anguage of prose and novel developed together in a way. Perhaps, development of one affected other. Peyami Safa has played a big role in this. Not only in terms of language but also have been important developments about subjects of novel. Firstly, limited subjects have been written but in time, written about various issues of country, psychological analyses have been made, problems between countries have been examined. Perhaps the biggest improvement in this issue is to see different branches of science in novels as Peyami Safa. Of course, the novel technique has been the biggest development in Turkish novel. Technical differences of novel between Şemsettin Sami and Peyami Safa tell us about this issue. So Peyami Safa has an important role for development of Turkish novels language, content and technique. In fact, he is one of the few names in this issue.