Keywords: Peyami Safa,the Hareket Newspaper,Nazım Hikmet,Yakup Kadri,Fine Arts Association,the New Generation,Liberty


The Hareket newspaper that belonged to Fahri Kemal and Suat Tahsin (Turk)and was published on the weekly basis, and first published on 11 May 1929, has undertook the role of spokesman of new generation. Peyami Safa was one of the writers of the paper, and the paper received contributions from Nazım Hikmet.

After the publication of "Shakespeare ve Saman Ekmeği Kavgası", Peyami Safa's first article "Varız Diyen Nesil" in Hareket look liked the the declaration of the young writers called "Alay Köşkü Yârânı". Peyami Safa challenged the authors of the old generation genre, primarily Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu, and caused the literature branch of the Fine Arts Association to be divided over his writings. This study examines this struggle and the approach of Peyami Safa in his twenty seven articles published at the Hareket in detail.