Keywords: Peyami Safa,the heroes in novels,mothers,fathers


The most important element of the novels having humans as the subject is their characters. Peyami Safa aimed to reflect depressions and hesitations of the characters while characterizing them according to political, social ideological conditions of the time and the conditons of the novels. The characters of his novels were not the representatives of a single idea, thought or mood, they were constantly changing, dynamic and real people."Peyami Safa said that all heroes of a novel are the novelist himself', and the parents in his novels were the parents of him in his mind, although he did not recognize his father. He started his authorship career with the nick name of 'Server Bedii' and this name was her mother's name. Server Bedia lived in the mother characters in his novels.

Parent characters in his novels were shaped according to the time periods in his novels, World War I, the Independence War, Revolution years, some of the fathers in his novels were dead, lost or were in other countries and their children were waiting for or trying to find. In some novels fathers were ill, or dead due to tuberculosis or cancer. Fathers were insignificant, but mothers were well characterized in his novels. In some novels mothers were dead or living immorally, in some others, mothers did not want to be known by their children.

In this study, we evaluate the parent characters in Safa's eleven novels and tried to find the similarities between his own parents and the characters in his novels