Keywords: Peyami Safa,Türk Düşüncesi,journal,synthesis,culture


Türk Düşüncesi is a journal of ideas and art which was published by Peyami Safa between the years 1953 and 1960. It was a monthly journal and published 63 issues with intervals. The chief contributors of the journal, which was dominantly philosophical, were Hilmi Ziya Ülken, Mustafa Şekip Tunç, İsmayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu, Reşat Ekrem Koçu and Peyami Safa. In this journal, most of the articles were to serve for establishing a relationship between Turkish and Western thought with their primary elements forming a synthesis of these two. With respect to arts, news and reviews in other forms of arts were given place in the journal beside poems and stories.