Keywords: Hungarian Culture,Turks and Hungarians,Turks,Ottomans,Atatürk in Hungarian Sources


The Hungarians' ethnic, political, cultural links with the Turks throughout history resulted in a sympathy and interest in Turks on the part of the Hungarians. In many different fields, many Hungarians provided information in their memories and scientific texts about the Turks and Turkish culture of the era in which they live. Turkish-Hungarian political, economic, and cultural relations especially gained a momentum as of the second half of the 19th century and reached their zenith in the early 20th century. In such an environment, many Hungarian specialists' information about the cultural transfor mation of the Ottoman Empire into the Turkish Republic is very important as a witness to this transition period. Therefore, in the present study, some elements of Turkish culture are evaluated in light of the data given by Hungarian sources.