İsmail AKBAL, Taner ASLAN

Keywords: Ali Şükrü Bey,Opposition in the Turkish GNA,Turkish Liberation War


Ali Şükrü Bey was an important figure for both organized and individual opposition in the first Turkish GNA assembled in 1920. Graduated from the School of Navy Sciences, having served in the Balkan War, being one of the founders of the Donanma (Navy) Association and A member National Congress, and elected to the last Ottoman Parliament From Trabzon, Ali Şükrü Bey was also the Trabzon representative in the first Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Şükrü Bey was prominent with his opposing character in the Assembly. At almost every session, he rigorously criticized the government, leaving it in a very difficult position. His opposition was particularly observed in the Misak-ı Milli decisions; in the abuses of the Independence Courts, in the formation of a regular Army, in extending the power of law identifying Commander in Chief, in the abolition of the Sultanate, and in the Lausanne negotiations. This opposing attitude finally led him to be killed by Topal Osman Aga. The main focus of this study is Ali Şükrü Bey, an opposition leader in the first GNA.