Keywords: Classical Turkish literature,divan,Baki,nazire,ode,şerh,rhyme,structural analysis


Bakî's Ode: Turup El Bağlayalar Karşuña Yârân "Saf Saf" The first part of this essay aims to to analyze Baki's Ode with the "saf saf" rhyme, and İn the second part provides the texts of the replying poetry written for Baki's ode. This study also aims to examine the divan poetry a with a structuralist approach together with the classical comment (şerh) method. The structuralist approach gives the sound harmony and meaning accord, and stylistic excellency in the ode. There are abundance of replying poetry (nazire) for Baki's ode; however, Baki's ode is more impressive than the replies in terms of artistic and stylistic tones. Baki's rhymes ensure the integrity of meaning and style, and each rhyme puts forward the ideas of the whole ode from different aspects.