Keywords: Yakup Kadri,Ankara,Panorama,Republic of Turkey,utopia,disutopia


In this article, Ankara (1934) and Panorama I-II (1949-1952) novels, by Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu (1889-1974), are analysed on account of their utopic and disutopic themes. These novels are reflection social realities of progression of National Struggle the foundation of Republic and transition of multi-party political system as observed by Yakup Kadri.

In novel Ankara, Yakup Kadri takes on idealistic manner whereas in Panoramas, he takes on critical realistic manner. Therefore the Ankara is utopic and Panoramas are disutopic. The thematic structure of these novels is not only located on fulfilling of Republic's ideals, which will provide Turkey's progress, but also degeneration of intellectuals.