Nusret ÇAM

Keywords: Abu Baqr Muhammad al-Serahsi,the tomb of Serahsi,tombstone of Muhammad bin Ali,tombstones of the Karahanid period


Özkent is known with its historical monuments in Kirghizistan. The famous scholar Ebu Bekr Muhammed ibn-i Ahmed ibn-i Ebi Sehl esSerahsi, known as Semsu'l-Eimme, lived in this city during the Karahanid period, and died there in 1096. The city has a tomb, attributed to the scholar Serahsi. It is also told that the Russians moved the tombstone of Serahsi to St. Petersburg during the Soviet time. But, in the tomb, there remained two inscripted black tombstones in a relatively new or a newly repaired brick niche, and one of the tombstones is attributed to have belonged to this Turkish scholar, Serahsi. Most of the people also continue to believe that this tombstone is belonged to the Serahsi's tomb. This study analyzes the depiction and content of the inscription of the tombstone in order to contribute to the understanding of the truth about the said tombstone