Osman Horata

Keywords: Mevlana Celaleddin Rumî / Mawlana / Rumî,Mawlawism,dervish orders,sophism,Turkish culture


Mevlana, one of the 13th century Anatolian sufis, is among the major scholars who laid the foundations of Turkish sophism. Based on Mevlana's ideas, Mawlawism reached every area within the borders of the Ottoman empire end became one of the fundamental dynamics setting the course of Ottoman cultural life. Mawlawism is still being kept alive in many parts of the world, from Anatolia to Europe and America; and the Mevlana's universal messages are enlightening people even today. The reason why Mawlawism has unique position among other mystic institutions is that Mevlana was able to reach a synthesis which embraced every sort of person by bringing together different understandings in an entirely new system where different cultures and thoughts were in conflict in 13 th century Anatolia.