Keywords: Key,Anatolia,death,existence,state


The subject of Sepetçioğlu's novel, Anahtar, is the settlement of the Turks in Anatolia after the Malazgirt Victory. In this novel, the basic episodes are such problematic elements of emergence as the settlement on land, the creation of values and the transfer of past values to te present.

It can also be seen in the novel that the ideals that form the historical spirit of the Turkish nation is characterized in the archetype of alperen. The outhor is not trapped in a firm epic writing, since he gives importance to this basic transformation, though the piece, Anahtar is a historical novel. In this sense, Alparslan and his son Melikşah experience a process of internal progress and maturation, complementarily.

This study analyzes Anahtar, which explains the precess of the emergence of Turkish nation, in a perspective of content and structure analysis.