Ramazan Uykur

Keywords: Denizli,Tavas,Hırka Köyü Mosque


This study examines the Hırka Village Mosque which is in Hırka Village in Tavas of the Denizli province in Turkey. It is a local mosque about which there has been no earlier study therefore, this is the first study that investigates the mosque with all details under the following titles: the builder of the mosque, its plan, renovation processes its condition today, engravings and dating of the building. As a result of our study, taking the inscriptions, taçkapı, minbar, and the mihrab decorations into consideration, we come to a conclusion that the building is a 19th century construction. When the mosque is examined within the late 19th century structures, its taçkapı becomes quite remarkable especially with its engraved stones. While the taçkapı of the mosque is architecturally noteworthy, contrary to expectations, the harim is substantially simple; consequently, this makes the Hırka Village Mosque a unique structure.