Keywords: Ethics,Philosophy,Medical Ethics,Patients Rights,informed Consent


Ethics means moral philosophy and medical ethics studies ethical sides of the relations of physician-patient. We knovv that ethics has some kinds such as medical ethics, biöethics, social ethics ete. Medical ethics contains some principles and rules in the relations of physician -patient. The most important principles of medical ethics of today are justice, informed consent, nonmaleficence, benefıcence, privacy ete. A physician who can be apply these rules is a respeetful person for his/ her patient.

It is known that patients' rights are arranged with laws and regulations. The Project of Development of Patients' Right were prepared in Europe in 1994 and The Regulation of Patients' Rights vvere also passed in Turkey in 1998. In this regulation, various rights of the patients are present and so, the application of the principles of the medical ethics is provided. Offıces of Patients' Rights and Ethics Committees in the Hospitals try to protect patients' rights. The most important one of these rules and principles is informed consent and here, autonomy is very important. Patient should decide as an autonomic person in his / her therapies and applications Therefore, principles of the medical ethics have a great importance from the point of view of the relations of patient-physician .

In this paper. the meaning and importance of ethics and the place of the principles of medical ethics in the relations of patient-physician are pointed out and some results are obtained.