Enlightenment's Reason in the Context of Reason-Culture Relationship and Its Critique

The reason as a distinctive nature of man is one of the most important factors in creating the culture. The definition and position of reason also determines the shape of culture. In Enlightenment, reason has been given a great role in the construction of the new culture. But progressively the reason moved away from its purpose, intstrumentalized and was the cause of modern cultural disasters as Adorno and Horkheimer pointed out. In order to get rid of cultural diseases, the reason needs to be re-evaluated and positioned in the culture. In our era, to defeat the crises we have to face, needed of not give up reason but revive the critical reason again with inclosing ethicall sensitivity. Only this point of departure can find the right place of reason in the culture.

Keywords: Reason, culture, critique, Enlightenment, Adorno, Horkheimer