Hasan Ali ÇETİN

Keywords: Idiom, Epic, The Epic of Erali and Şirali, Töre Mirzayev


The Idioms in Uzbek Epic Erali and Sirali
Epic texts are the most important literary texts that show the cultural
codes of a nation, which have been carried since nation took its place
in the scene of history. The epic of Erali and Sirali also carries traces of
the rich verbal cultural heritage of the Uzbek Turks. It is composition
of poetry and prose, similar to other epic texts. Erali and Sirali are
two brothers, epic is named after. Lives of Erali and Sirali have been
written in epic style with colorful scene descriptions and dialogues. Epic has been examined in terms of idioms that are one of the richest
vocabulary items of Turkish. Idioms and figures found in the epic are
given in both Turkey and Uzbek Turkish, including meaning, page
and line numbers in the text with sentence examples. The thematic
classification of identified idioms has also been made.