Nagihan GÜR

Keywords: Takriz-tradition, literary history writing, Ottoman literature, Keçecizâde İzzet Molla, Mihnet-Keşân, Mahmûd Celâleddin Paşa, Âsaf Divanı (collected poems of Âsaf )


Takriz-writing has an important place in the tradition of Ottoman literature. Takriz created its own tradition and this tradition can be considered as a primary source for studies on the Ottoman literature. Takriz refers to a short statement of praise in verse or prose to promote the book and the writer and usually attached to the works’ cover. Some takriz examples contain valuable information about writers and works which can be used as sources for carrying out biographical and monographic studies. This study discusses the functions of takriz as a primary source for literary history-writing. In this regard, this article analyzes the content of some takriz which were written for MihnetKeşân and Âsaf Divanı. Besides, this article reveals the importance and the function of the takriz texts in terms of re-writing the history of Ottoman literature and contributing to the biography-writing.