Gökhan TUNÇ

Keywords: Duality,unity,centrality of the language,Hilmi Yavuz,“Çöl ve Ay”


In this article, Hilmi Yavuz's poem entitled "Çöl ve Ay" will be evaluated in terms of content and language. In the first place, Yavuz's attempt for centralizing the language by using the expression of "blue mo on" in the poem will be discussed. Secondly, considering the poem in terms of content, it will be revealed that such concepts as "desert and moon", "two reaches", "to pass from one reach to another", "to split up two", "blue mo on" and "şakk-ı kamer" refer to duality. The mentioned duality gains a mystical meaning by implying the poet's in betweenness from this world to the other. Thus the poem will be interpreted as the poet's attempt to reach from duality to unity