Keywords: Orhan Duru,short short story,symbolic language,repetition


The tendency of the story, especially short short story, to the human states that are placed in trapped time and moment is directly related to surrealist and postmodern structure preceding this century's functionality. On the basis of the styles' image order that is directed to make feel rather than only narrating, story tends and transforms into the common structures of poetry. Short story, by the recklessness of being an inter-genre, uses all the way the emotional repetitions that sustain the poem. Symbolic language and repetition are the main elements of those perceptible metaphors. In the intense structure, by leaving gaps deliberately, some traps are installed for the reader and the sphere of influence for the reader is expanded. Orhan Duru, who forms his stories by self-styled manners of discourse, has presented a similar attitude. The prisoner-like states of the period narration and discourse in the mirror of mind, find life in the lyricism of symbolic language and repetitions. By this way, short short story, as being a choice of social structure including poetic style, has gained the originality that gives the text specificity.