Atatürk Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Erzurum/Türkiye.

Keywords: Poem, Picture, Aesthetic, Art, Ahmet Haşim, O Belde.


By establishing interdisciplinary relations in every field of art, it was ensured that artists were influenced by different disciplines other than their own. Considering the relationship that can be established between a poem and its picture, this commission; a close connection can be established between Ahmet Haşim’s poetics and the art of painting, and the execution of the poet’s painting on a fingerprint from this context. The relationship between painting and support has expressed the connection between poetry and painting by using the poem O Belde by Ahmet Haşim, in particular, as a basis, and by accepting it as a basis for painting and painting. It is aimed to adapt Ahmet Haşim’s poem O Belde to the art of painting with the help of certain images. While doing this, besides verbal and written expression, visual expression method was also applied. With this article, we aimed to embody the abstract color and light until today. Painting and poetry; while determining their place in the shaping wheel of history, it sprinkles the water of life for the seeds of next generations with the products put forward. Although painting and poetry, as verbal and visual arts, are often studied as separate branches of art, they maintain their existence under the same roof of artistic sciences. It is a network of relations in which physical and metaphysical dimensions are reached, starting from the image, which is accepted as a common concept in both poetry and painting. Man is a part of artistic creation with all his achievements. The products it reveals are essences that break away from their own existence. As a requirement of organic integrity, the tendency of human beings to prove and express their existence is an indispensable reality. When each person is considered special, their human expression is equivalent to the number of people born into the world. Painting and poetry arts are powerful expression methods in their fields. Poetry can transform its existence into painting with the power of description. Most poets in Turkish literature, while writing their poems, also take care to create a visual feast. The poem O Belde by Ahmet Haşim, one of the poets of the Fecr-i Âti period of the Turkish poetry world, is also worth seeing in a painting in the poetic harmony of the painting. With the imaginary keys of the world of poetry, the doors of the world of painting can be unlocked with colors, symbols and intuitions. While Ahmet Haşim’s life as a whole and his understanding of art were revealed, the place of the relationship between painting and poetry in this integrity was also determined. Starting from the poem “O Belde” and reaching the painting O Belde, the sides of the poem and the painting that complement and feed each other have been examined. A new interpretation has been brought to the poem beyond the known Haşim patterns by drawing a path to Haşim’s life through the determined metaphors of the O Belde poem. Expression of poetry in symbolic language; the mother is depicted with a utopia motif that includes the longing for childhood, the meaning and her life and art.