Keywords: Peyami Safa,Turkish literature,polemics,romantic criticism,impressionist criticism


Peyami Safa has written articles with regards to some problematics of art and literature in some newspapers and magazines such as Milliyet, Kültür Haftası, Ulus, Tasvir-i Efkar, Cumhuriyet, Kültür Haftası, Türk Düşüncesi. These problematics or topics were related to literature-culture, relations between literature and philosophy, the aim of literature, national identity in the art, country literature, definition of masterpiece, literary movements, characteristics of novel and poetry, meaning in poetry, etc. In this study, we tried to examine the understanding of criticism of Peyami Safa by connecting his understanding of criticism with the tradition of his era and his contemporary critics by departing from the articles dealing with above mentioned topics and with recourse to his published books.