Saadettin KOÇ

Keywords: konçuy,epic,women in Turkish novels,women in Nihal Atsız’s novels,women’s rights


The place and role of women in both Turkish and epic legends and in history has always had a a high status. This study attempts to prove the status of women from the examples in a variety of sources. In addition, the women profiles in the novels of Hüseyin Nihal Atsiz tries to support the importance of women in history. And as Atatürk also stressed out the present state of the Republic of Turkey is the result of the work of Turkish women and Turkish women will carry it to eternity on their shoulders. For a nation to be "devlet-i ebed müddet" (the eternal state), the biggest task in on the women of the country. We hope, with the analysis of Atsız's novels Turkish women will take their place in the glorious history and will be determinative in the fate of Turkish nation.