Keywords: Bakhtiyar Vahabzade,man of ideals,ideals,poem,poet,temper


Bakhtiyar Vahabzade drew a portrait of the voice of his country and the man of feelings with his approach to the themes, and his style combines his personal sorrows and the sorrows of his people and his country in his poems. In this article, an evaluation was done on his temper determining his world of ethos and the key stones of his ideas and basing on the poems which he called 'Flowers of Feelings'.

As a poet of the general public, Vahabzade believed that every syllable of his poems was created by the land of his country and said that he had to give everything what he had taken from his country again back to his country with the belief that the human being was mortal. The inspiration which he always carried in him was the love of his country and the people. He always expressed that a poet should be the man of ideals. He never wrote his poems to write for nothing. He argued that writing poems meant to create something and the poems should serve to reach the ideals. So it is necessary to accept his poems written by a man of ideals. His objective was arisen from the sacred love: Love of his country. His ideas and feelings were shaped around this love of his country. These lines turned into poems and sometimes into dramas and articles.