Keywords: Anthology,Turkish Literature,Enmuzec-i Edebiyyat-ı Türkiyye,Markar A. Kaprielyan



A Turkish Literature Anthology printed in 1892-1893: Enmuzec-i Edebiyyat-ı Türkiyye

As it known, the Literary Works which is prepared by collecting the selected prose or poems, is called as anthology. Anthologies vary like regulated as course book, include the stories, belong to other nations' literature, occuring from selected poems etc. Enmuzec-i Edebbiyyat-ı Türkiyye which is printed in 1892-1893 is an anthology that involving the same selected Works which belong to Turkish Literature. In this book which is prepared by Marker A. Kaprielyan for Armenia students who are in Ottoman lands in first and secondary schools, there are forty five texts as prose and poem. Some selected couplets, pieces or proses were taken for this anthology from some divan poets such as Fuzuli, Bağdatlı Ruhi, Nabi, Sünbülzade Vehbi but rather it is put examples of some literary Works from some, authors such as Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem, Muallim Naci, Nabizade Nazım, Ahmet Hamdi, Nigâr Hanım, Ahmet Rasim, Sadık Vicdani who lived in first half of 19th century or lived in this period of time.

Eighteen of the selected pieces are prose, twenty seven are poems, and most poems are written with measure aruz. Two-thirds of the examples of Turkish literature included in the anthology, and one third has been translated from the Western Literature. Compared to other literary figures it shows that more than Ekrem received text. This situation makes us think that it holds a prestigious place in the world of literature in the 1890s. The texts are sorted without obeying any route such as chronology, genre, cycle. Their places are taken as otherwise noted, no information has been given about poets, writers or translators. Preparing the anthology, selecting literary texts aimed at middle school students. The parts were intended to be of a type that would be relevant to their level and cultural status. In addition, it can be said that some common human, religious and moral values are demanded. Selected samples compared to originals, title replacement, acronym, deemed unfavorable parts, etc. some savings are also understood. It is also possible that some of the mentioned changes were made by the official authority that examined the works to be published and allowed them to print.

In translation or copyright texts are talked about, believe in God and love of God, affection to children, some pains and sadnesses for deaths in early ages love for some animals like lamb and swallow, respect for parents and olds, avoid to telling a lie, gossip and pride, well tempered, necessity of working and getting information. After the introduction of this anthology that is mentioned in our text, some of pieces are given place to that chosen from this literary work.