Keywords: The Turkish National Struggle,Anadolu,geography,M. Niyazi Erenbilge


This study examines Anadolu, a geography work, which supported the national struggle and unknown by researchers until present. The starting of the National Struggle, the psychological preparation made by Mustafa Kemal and his colleagues, the preparation of the public opinion, the imperialist ambitions on the Turkish nation, the spread of these to Turkish and world public opinion with different techniques and the awakening of the Turkish people have been mentioned briefly in the introduction. The study puts forward who wrote the Anadolu and its reasons, and a brief evalution of the work together with a short account of the life of the author. Then, under the light of the information given in the work, this study makes some comments and analysis including the one that the geography of Anatolia was written in a poetic style during the National Struggle to provide the Turkish people with the patriotic feelings. This paper tries to reveal that for these and other reasons, the work Anadolu is so important both for the history of the National Struggle and for the researchers of the period. In addition to this analysis, the transcription text has been added to the end of the study to give this opportunity to the other researchers.